5 Fits For Every Single Phase In A Guy'S Life

A man’s wardrobe is going to change every year according to their own personal style and the latest fashion trends. Despite these changes, however, it is important for them to have a few key items that are going to tastefully tie together their outfits. The following are the top 5 essential wardrobe pieces for men.

A Leather Belt

A leather belt is an essential wardrobe item because it helps outfits look more put-together. Typically, men are going to own a leather belt opposed to any other material, and this is because it looks much more professional and classy. Having both a brown and black leather belt can have its benefits, however, most men are going to choose a belt that resembles their shoes’ color.

A Sports Coat

Owning a sports coat is like owning a life vest, as it can truly save a man’s life when it comes to their everyday wardrobe choices. Sports coats are so essential because they can make nearly any outfit look fitted and polished. The benefit of owning a sports coat is that it looks appropriate in almost every setting. A man can wear it at the office, at a restaurant, out with friends, or while running errands, and it’ll look amazing. More than that, sports coats can be worn with a nice pair of jeans, chinos, wool trousers, and even dress pants, making it to go-to outfit choice.

A Two Piece Suit

When a special event arises, most men are going to choose official site to rent their suits from a rental store in Los Angeles. However, having their own two piece suit at home, for spontaneous or professional moments, is going to be most beneficial. Having a black, grey, or navy blue suit can truly transform a man’s appearance and give them their desired look. Commonly, men choose to own a navy blue two piece suit because it can help them achieve a younger appearance.

A Button Up Shirt

A solid-colored button up shirt is an item that all men should own. This is because wearing a nice button up shirt is often required throughout a man’s life. A lot of men either wear a button up shirt while on a date, at the office, at a meeting, or any scenario that requires dignified clothing. However, a button up shirt can also be dressed down with a nice pair of jeans and white sneakers.

Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans are also an essential wardrobe item for men. This is because they are comfortable and versatile. Men can wear dark wash jeans review while out on the town or just lounging around, with a sports coat or a plain white t-shirt, and they will manage to look well-dressed.

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